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LiquidM is a globally operating self-service Demand Side Platform (DSP) for mobile advertising.

We empower advertisers and trading desks to reach relevant audiences and achieve their advertising KPIs by leveraging a massive pool of RTB supply. Our goal is to make it easy for you to tell your brand’s story and see the returns on your marketing investments in the industry characterized by tough competition and increased consumer blindness.

About LiquidM

Power of Programmatic For Your Business

Campaign Management

Easily Manage Powerful Advertising Campaigns

We equipped the LiquidM platform with a comprehensive set of ad management tools making it easy to set, run, and edit both branding and performance campaigns. A single site clean-cut interface of the DSP will help you master the platform and successfully manage multiple campaigns, ads, and corresponding settings.

Maximize your returns with precise targeting 

We offer advertisers a range of more than 18 proprietary targeting criteria such as various Demographic attributes and Hyperlocal. Featured 3rd party targeting tools will further assist you in defining the right time, place, and audience, ultimately increasing the chance of achieving higher performance rates for each of your ads.

LiquidM Reporting

Optimise Campaign Performance Instantly

Track and assess campaign performance in real time with our dynamic reporting tools. Numerous dimensions, metrics, filters, and granularity settings will enable you to efficiently access and analyze data on campaign performance. Leverage your findings to identify favorable ad settings and optimize campaigns on the go.

Reach Audiences With The Best Creatives 

We support delivery of all standard ad formats. Choose the media type that fits both your target audience and campaign goals the best


Video (VAST)


LiquidM Ad Formats

Our Partner Network

Utilize premium inventory of 30+ global and local Supply Partners

 We continue searching and establishing new supply integrations to offer you an even more diverse selection of premium programmatic inventory. Thanks to 100% openRTB compliance, new partner on-boarding takes as little as few days.

Data Providers

Tracking Providers

TV Sync Integrations

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Located in the heart of Berlin, LiquidM is a part of Ligatus (a Bertelsmann Company). Despite an impressive corporate family, we maintain a free-spirited and easy-going attitude.
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