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Full-Stack mobile advertising
management platform
White-labeled SaaS platform
Access to a wide range of RTB supply
Compatible with all available
mobile ad tech tools
Solid infrastructure and
data centers in US, EU and Asia

We are LiquidM

At LiquidM, we are software and technology experts who are passionate about bringing the world’s best products to the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry. We are focused on building the first and only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform. Built from the ground up for mobile, LiquidM’s white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP) allows mobile media buyers to optimize their campaigns across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS replaces Build-Your-Own (BYO) or inadequate point solutions with a standardized, open platform that is customizable to individual needs.



RTB Supply

  • Reach Extension
  • Access to 1,000,000,000,000 AIs/month
  • Full Control and Transparency
  • Traffic Sets

Ad Server

  • Targeting
  • Tracking
  • Rich Media (MRAID)
  • Video (VAST)

Ident Service

  • User Identification
  • Fingerprinting
  • 1st/2nd/3rd Party Data Collection
  • Retargeting

Decision Engine

  • Programmatic Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Fraud Detection


Real-time reporting helps you to generate dynamic reports on campaign delivery, performance and relevant business KPIs. Real-time reports assist in identifying which actions are the most profitable for the success of campaigns. Use LiquidM’s all-in-one reporting to:

  • Generate reports and gain full transparency of ongoing or completed campaigns Measure campaign KPIs in real time
  • Compare different metrics to optimize the ongoing campaigns
  • Identify trends
  • See results in a visual and intuitive manner for selected metrics
  • Use a wide variety of filters to get granularity about campaign KPIs
  • Compare campaign performance based on different targeting criteria


Wide Variety of Ad Formats

Rich Media Options: LiquidM supports MRAID 2.0 standards, which gives advertisers unprecedented flexibility in creating engaging rich media ads for their audiences.
HD Banners: Advertisers can upload standard and HD creatives on LiquidM’s platform. Our device recognition technology detects whether the device has HD capabilities and displays the best-fitting banner for each ad request.
Custom Banner Sizes: We give advertisers the means to design totally custom-sized banners, creating native-looking banner areas, which achieve higher engagement rates.
Video Ads: LiquidM is a leader in the industry as one of the only mobile ad management platforms that provides full VAST 3.0 support.
Native Ads: These ads come with the Native Ad Creator which helps mobile developers and advertisers create beautifully designed native ads that blend naturally with existing, popular mobile content.



With over 40 leading RTB supply partners, LiquidM’s supply integrations cover geographies all around the world, making it possible to target audiences worldwide. LiquidM also provides a set of supply-related features like Brand-Safe RTB sets and Effortless Supply Selection. These features allow brand-conscious media buyers to use advanced RTB tools to quickly and easily sort through and select from thousands of websites and apps, and then make real-time changes as their campaigns evolve. Delivering brand-safe content ensures that valuable, attractive content is brought to the advertiser’s desired audience. LiquidM offers several notable brand-safe inventory categories, including: Entertainment, Science, News, Sports, Business, Hobbies and Interests, Society, and Technology.



Senior Software Developer

We don’t care if you’re a rock star, a ninja, a jedi or a mum/dad. What we care about is that you share our passion for writing awesome code. That you’re thrilled by…

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Junior Data Scientist

In the LiquidM data science team we work on hard problems in algorithmic media buying. The data that we work with comes in extremely fast, at tens of thousands…

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Senior Data Scientist

In the LiquidM Data Science team we work on hard problems in algorithmic media buying. The data that we work with comes in extremely fast, at tens of thousands…

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Love being the general of an army of servers? We’re looking for you! If you want to be part of an awesome team in the heart of Kreuzberg that builds and maintains…

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QA Intern/ Student Employee

LiquidM is the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to optimize their processes across….

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Sales Engineer

LiquidM, the startup turning the mobile ad tech world on its head, is looking for a Sales engineer to join the Sales and Operations team and help the company grow its burgeoning business…

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Marketing Communications Manager

LiquidM is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D center in Berlin, and you will be amongst the first employees in our new New York office…

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Product Manager

The position involves both a deep dive into complex technology and at the same time understanding user experience and working directly with customers and internal…

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Decision Engine P. Manager

The position involves going deep into data and technology and managing the output of data scientists, data engineers and expert infrastructure coders. You’d have to speak…

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Technical Support Engineer

Are you seeking a new challenge? Would you like to develop your skills? Are you in search of a great atmosphere at work? Then become a member of the LiquidM family…

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Internship AdOperations

LiquidM, the startup turning the mobile ad tech world on its head, is looking for an intern to join the Sales and Operations team and help the company…

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Meet the Team

Christof Wittig


Roi Chobadi


Julian Tol


Joe Ayyoub

SVP, Business Development and Operations

Philipp Simon

VP Business Development EMEA

Anne Dorman


Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discover the great possibilities of our platform: info@liquidm.com

San Francisco:
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San Francisco, CA 94105
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Makes It Possible for Advertisers to Continue the Conversations With Their Customers — Helps Bring Ad Continuity to the Customer’s Shopping Experience Across Different Sites or Apps

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Sep 15, 2014) – LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today launched its new mobile retargeting capabilities to help mobile developers and advertisers re-engage their customers. The new retargeting capabilities can help remind people who have already visited your digital property to reuse your app or revisit your website and complete their purchase. Ad networks which are using LiquidM’s full stack mobile advertising management platform (MAMP) can offer these retargeting campaigns to their advertisers, which will aid e-commerce sites in bringing back old visitors and help app developers re-engage their users.

ADOTAS Jun 17, 2014 by Roi Chobadi – If you haven’t noticed it, a quiet but fierce battle is currently being fought in the mobile ad display space between two supply providing business models: supply side platforms (SSPs) versus ad networks. There’s so much tension between these two types of mobile ad companies, each is even trying to morph into the other, just to gain an edge. While ad networks currently dominate this battlefield, major publishers like Pandora, Wall Street Street Journal and ESPN will cast the most important vote.

Ad Networks Vs. Supply Side Platforms
Let’s review the strengths and weaknesses of the ad networks versus SSPs across their two main offerings — inventory and technology from the perspective of their customers: the advertisers (brands, trading desks, agencies). read the rest