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LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows agencies and trading desks to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. LiquidM uniquely combines media, data, technology and strategy to allow audience reach at scale. LiquidM provides more efficiency, greater control and deeper insights to media planning and buying, to drive better results. Integrated data management, audience targeting and inventory procurement drive success in the mobile display media marketplace.

Mobile Ad Networks

LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows mobile ad networks and saleshouses to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. LiquidM’s sophisticated technology platform allows them to focus on what they do best – i.e., operating and running ad campaigns, sales and creative, without having to worry about developing in-house technology. Non-technical advertisers can easily create, operate and run campaigns in less time, thus increasing productivity. LiquidM’s innovative Decision Engine brings programmatic optimization to the entire spectrum from premium supply to RTB reach extension.

Mobile Network Operators

LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows mobile network operators to build digital service businesses on a standardized, open platform that is allowing them to monetize the data on their mobile subscribers.

LiquidM´s Modules in a Nutshell


Build from the ground up for mobile, LiquidM’s white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP) allows mobile media buyers to optimize their management processes across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM provides a business model-agnostic full stack to manage and optimize mobile advertising campaigns. LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS replaces Build-Your-Own (BYO) or inadequate point solutions of ad tech infrastructure with a standardized, open platform that is customizable to individual needs. LiquidM’s unique combination of delivering quality and performance in one platform allows for reach extension through real-time bidding, targeting, rich media formats and the ability to work closely with mobile operators.

Key Features

Best-in-Breed Technology

Sophisticated technology platform allows customers to focus on what they do best – i.e., operating and running ad campaigns, sales and creative, without having to worry about developing in-house technology

Business model-agnostic core is customizable for individual customer needs

Easy Integration
Can easily integrate with any other tool in the market, whether it be from suppliers, trackers, data warehouses, etc

Entire lifecycle is transparent from ad spending through conversion to analytics

User Interface
Non-technical audience can easily create, operate and run campaigns in less time and increase productivity

Quality meets Performance
Innovative technology was built from the ground up to cover the entire mobile ad value chain in premium and performance environments

Optimize advertising spending for individual performance targets; seamless big data integration, processing and complex performance-related technology


At LiquidM, we are software and technology experts who are passionate about bringing the world’s best products to a rapidly growing industry: Mobile Advertising. Unlike the first generation of mobile ad networks, we focus on building the most cutting edge, white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to improve their efficiency, returns, and time to market.




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LiquidM is the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to optimize their processes across the full range of premium to performance advertising. For customers who care about return, performance, brand safety, and quality, LiquidM provides a business model-agnostic core to manage and optimize their mobile advertising campaigns. LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows customers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore, LiquidM helps customers like M&C Saatchi, Orange, Fetch, Madvertise Media, and Mobilike configure their current and future mobile advertising business models.


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Join our world class team. We’re constantly on the lookout for people who want to change the world with us. Software developers, product managers, mobile advertising experts, and backoffice staff. Locations include San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, and Singapore.



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