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We are LiquidM

At LiquidM, we are software and technology experts who are passionate about bringing the world’s best products to the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry. We are focused on building the first and only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform. Built from the ground up for mobile, LiquidM’s white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP) allows mobile media buyers to optimize their campaigns across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS replaces Build-Your-Own (BYO) or inadequate point solutions with a standardized, open platform that is customizable to individual needs.



RTB Supply

  • Reach Extension
  • Access to 1,000,000,000,000 AIs/month
  • Full Control and Transparency
  • Traffic Sets

Ad Server

  • Targeting
  • Tracking
  • Rich Media (MRAID)
  • Video (VAST)

Ident Service

  • User Identification
  • Fingerprinting
  • 1st/2nd/3rd Party Data Collection
  • Retargeting

Decision Engine

  • Programmatic Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Fraud Detection


Real-time reporting helps you to generate dynamic reports on campaign delivery, performance and relevant business KPIs. Real-time reports assist in identifying which actions are the most profitable for the success of campaigns. Use LiquidM’s all-in-one reporting to:

  • Generate reports and gain full transparency of ongoing or completed campaigns Measure campaign KPIs in real time
  • Compare different metrics to optimize the ongoing campaigns
  • Identify trends
  • See results in a visual and intuitive manner for selected metrics
  • Use a wide variety of filters to get granularity about campaign KPIs
  • Compare campaign performance based on different targeting criteria


Wide Variety of Ad Formats

Rich Media Options: LiquidM supports MRAID 2.0 standards, which gives advertisers unprecedented flexibility in creating engaging rich media ads for their audiences.
HD Banners: Advertisers can upload standard and HD creatives on LiquidM’s platform. Our device recognition technology detects whether the device has HD capabilities and displays the best-fitting banner for each ad request.
Custom Banner Sizes: We give advertisers the means to design totally custom-sized banners, creating native-looking banner areas, which achieve higher engagement rates.
Video Ads: LiquidM is a leader in the industry as one of the only mobile ad management platforms that provides full VAST 3.0 support.
Native Ads: These ads come with the Native Ad Creator which helps mobile developers and advertisers create beautifully designed native ads that blend naturally with existing, popular mobile content.



With over 40 leading RTB supply partners, LiquidM’s supply integrations cover geographies all around the world, making it possible to target audiences worldwide. LiquidM also provides a set of supply-related features like Brand-Safe RTB sets and Effortless Supply Selection. These features allow brand-conscious media buyers to use advanced RTB tools to quickly and easily sort through and select from thousands of websites and apps, and then make real-time changes as their campaigns evolve. Delivering brand-safe content ensures that valuable, attractive content is brought to the advertiser’s desired audience. LiquidM offers several notable brand-safe inventory categories, including: Entertainment, Science, News, Sports, Business, Hobbies and Interests, Society, and Technology.



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MD Product & Tech

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  • Whitelabel-DSP LiquidM integriert Audience Daten von adsquare
  • Self-Service Nutzer stehen über 45 Audience Segmente zur Verfügung
  • Steigende Nachfrage für Programmatic Premium bei Brands

Berlin/San Francisco, 9. März 2015: Pünktlich zur diesjährigen d3con gibt die mobile Whitelabel-DSP LiquidM die Partnerschaft mit adsquare, Europas führendem Anbieter für Mobile Audience Data, bekannt. Die Real-Time Integration ermöglicht es Werbetreibenden, Agenturen und Trading Desks im Self-Service auf die mobilen Zielgruppensegmente zuzugreifen. Durch die Minimierung von Streuverlusten können so Kampagnen noch effizienter ausgesteuert werden.

„Unsere SaaS-Lösung bietet ihren Nutzern volle Kontrolle und Transparenz“,
so Philipp Simon, Managing Director bei LiquidM, „Die direkte Integration der adsquare Zielgruppendaten im User-Interface schließt hier nahtlos an und macht Audience Targeting über einen Klick verfügbar.“

Durch Anbindung an alle großen Supply-Side Plattformen haben Werbetreibende über LiquidM Zugriff auf monatlich mehr als 200 Milliarden Ad Impressions. Die Kombination aus Brand-Safe Option, Real-Time Reporting und adsquare Audiences bietet die Grundlage für erfolgreiche programmatische Branding Kampagnen.

Für Sebastian Doerfel, Co-Founder & COO von adsquare, ist die Partnerschaft eine Antwort auf die steigende Nachfrage im Markt: „Der Trend zur stärkeren Nutzung von Self-Service Plattformen wie LiquidM bestätigt die zunehmende Automatisierung des Media-Einkaufs über Programmatic Advertising. Die Real-Time Integration unserer Daten bietet somit allen Kunden von LiquidM auch international einen einfachen Zugang zu verlässlichen Audience Informationen – weit über das Publisher-Umfeld hinaus.“

Aktuell bietet adsquare 45 unterschiedliche Audience-Segmente sowie die Möglichkeit, maßgeschneiderte Zielgruppen durch die Kombination einzelner Attribute zusammenzustellen.

Erste Kampagnen für große Brands wurden bereits erfolgreich durchgeführt und zeigen, dass Programmatic Premium auch im mobilen Bereich zum großen Trend werden wird. Die Kombination aus hoher Reichweite und präzisen Zielgruppendaten sowie die Berücksichtigung des lokalen Kontextes und der mobilen Nutzung machen Mobile einzigartig im Medienmix.

Über LiquidM
Die Whitelabel-DSP LiquidM bietet Werbetreibenden, Agenturen und Trading Desks eine intuitive und einfach nutzbare Self-Service Plattform für Mobile Advertising. Dank Integrationen mit allen großen SSPs und Partnerschaften mit allen relevanten Tracking- Anbietern steht Kunden auf globaler Ebene eine große Reichweite zur Verfügung. Tools für Forecasting und Kampagnenoptimierung sowie das Echtzeit-Reporting geben dem Nutzer volle Kontrolle und Transparenz für Performancekampagnen. Über Brand-Safe und Premium-Inventar ist LiquidM darüberhinaus perfekt für Brandingkunden geeignet. Für mehr Informationen besuchen Sie www.liquidm.com

Über adsquare
adsquare ist Europas führender Anbieter für Mobile Audience Data. Das Unternehmen analysiert den lokalen Kontext und die mobile Nutzung anonymer Nutzer und leitet daraus in Echtzeit Zielgruppenvorhersagen ab. Dies ermöglicht es Werbetreibenden, Zielgruppen im für die Werbebotschaft relevanten Moment anzusprechen und verschafft Kampagnen so eine ganz neue Form der Relevanz. Durch Partnerschaften mit Ad Networks, Publishern und globalen RTA-Plattformen bietet adsquare seinen Kunden Zugriff auf standardisierte Segmente sowie einzelne, frei kombinierbare Attribute. adsquare ist offizieller AppNexus Datenanbieter und ermöglicht es Mediaeinkäufern auf angereichertes Inventar von SSPs wie MoPub, Smaato, Nexage und PubMatic zuzugreifen. Die mit dem ePrivacyseal ausgezeichnete Technologie arbeitet komplett ohne Cookies und berücksichtigt strengste europäische Datenschutzvorgaben. Für mehr Informationen besuchen Sie http://www.adsquare.com, folgen Sie @adsquarecom oder kontaktieren Sie uns über info@adsquare.com.

adsquare GmbH
Daniel Rieber, Director Marketing & Communications daniel@adsquare.com
Tel.: +49 3302 8189042
Saarbrücker Str. 36
10405 Berlin

Berlin, (Feb 2, 2015) by Holger Pillmann (CTO, LiquidM) – Time is a crucial factor in mobile advertising OpenRTB and many companies are trying to implement new features while staying below the response time limit of 100ms. In this article we describe how LiquidM implemented frequency capping as a distributed micro service using Aerospike and the Go programming language, adding less than 1 ms latency to our system in the process.

OpenRTB systems are bound to the auction time of 100 milliseconds set by the standard, meaning the clocks are constantly ticking in the world of mobile advertising. This limit is end-to-end time, including time on the network. Often the SSP and DSP sit in different datacenters, thus a lot of time has already been used when LiquidM receives a bid request. We must assume that the same time is needed to send our response back, meaning much of the time is already used for communication with our suppliers. Therefore, we put a lot of effort to reach the lowest possible processing times and handle as many requests as possible for our clients.
When we decided to implement a frequency capping solution our plan was clear from the beginning: identify a users device uniquely and count the different ads a user sees. This is straightforward enough, but involves selecting and integrating the perfect database. A database is needed because user data must be persistent and cannot be stored in memory on a single server. The performance requirements for the database is very high – we have to store billions of users and handle over a hundred thousand requests per second. A database also gives us the potential to store additional user related data, which is a huge advantage compared to the usage of matching or counting techniques such as a Bloom filter or HyperLogLog.

Using a database in a low latency trading system, like we run at LiquidM, is not easy. Some suppliers can send you easily 100,000 requests per second (rps) or more, and we are handling millions of users, sites and targeting criteria created by this traffic. At LiquidM, we came to the conclusion that we need a highly scalable, low latency database for this new data driven feature in our OpenRTB stack. We planned the frequency capping solution together with a unique device identification system because it came with three requirements. The first is low read latency due to the ticking auction clock. The second is low write latency due to the possibility that a request with identical device identifiers can arrive in the same instant, still requiring capping to be applied. Finally, we need solutions that scale and keep up with the enormous growth of mobile OpenRTB.

Our investigations brought the Aerospike database to our radar. Our first analysis showed a single machine can easily handle 100,000 rps with a latency below 1ms (including network). The published benchmark showed 1 million rps can be reached on a single server, meaning scaling would obviously not be a big problem. Aerospike is open source and this is always a big plus – LiquidM loves and contributes to open source, bringing low costs and easy debugging during prototyping and development.

When choosing a programming language, we had no limitations as our architecture is based on distributed micro services. We decided to create a new user-based service and utilise user related data to cap ads on frequency and the time between two impressions. We implemented prototypes to send requests to Aerospike in different languages. Go became our choice as it showed the best results in latency and stability. We also saw that our prototype could be refactored into a production system due to the nature of the Go language, which structures programs in modules.
Go is a relatively new open source programming language developed at Google. It is a statically typed compiled language and very different to our previous JRuby-based programs. JRuby was our prefered language due to the ease of expressing and testing complicated logic in Ruby. In the new service, we gained big benefits from the key features of Go, like its strict compiler rules and a native support parallel execution. The Go programming language has a built in concurrency feature called goroutines. These goroutines are lightweight threads, meaning we can execute many parallel asynchronous reads and writes to the Aerospike database. Additionally, Aerospike provide an extremely fast asynchronous Go client for this purpose.
Even though Go was completely new for our team of 3 developers, we implemented the frequency capping solution with great speed. After 3 days, we had finished a working prototype and were completely finished in 3 weeks – including the integration of the new service into our system.
During the beta phase in our production system, we reached 50,000 rps with an average request processing time of 0.3 ms, including calls to Aerospike. The numbers on our production systems showed no increase in latency after the deployment of the frequency capping feature. The system is currently designed to handle 10 times more traffic than in the beta, thus we have been able to increase the amount of RTB traffic we handle for our customers.
We are completely satisfied with the result – Go and Aerospike are the perfect match to power our frequency capping feature, and provide scalability for years to come.

About LiquidM:
At LiquidM, we are software and technology experts who are passionate about bringing the world’s best products to the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry. We are focused on building the first and only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform.
Built from the ground up for mobile, LiquidM’s white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP) allows mobile media buyers to optimize their campaigns across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS replaces Build-Your-Own (BYO) or inadequate point solutions with a standardized, open platform that is customizable to individual needs.