June 2014


New York – June 30, 2014 LiquidM, the only full-stack Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today announced the appointment of Julian Tol as Chief Revenue Officer. Tol will join LiquidM’s executive team alongside CEO Christof Wittig and CPO Roi Chobadi, and will be responsible for global revenue, new strategic business initiatives, and strategic partnerships. 

Julian Tol is one of the world’s most experienced and well-known programmatic advertising executives. He founded Brandscreen in 2006, one of the world’s first enterprise-grade DSPs, and the market-leader in the Asia-Pacific region. Tol brings to LiquidM enormous programmatic advertising industry experience and a deep understanding of customer requirements in the Software-as-a-Service Ad Platform space.

“I took this role for three reasons,” said Julian Tol. “I fundamentally believe that platforms built around high-fidelity device and user recognition in the mobile space will have a strong competitive advantage over display platforms that try to play in the mobile space. Second, the LiquidM technology stack is the best I’ve seen and has the potential to revolutionize the Mobile Ad Management segment and become the de facto standard for programmatic mobile advertising. Most importantly, the LiquidM team is amazing. These people are the most talented, committed and ambitious you’ll find in our industry, and they have what it takes to win. I’m proud to be able to help lead the company and team.” 

“We are thrilled to have someone as well connected and respected as Julian Tol join our expanding team. He has an excellent network across agency holding companies, trading desks, CMOs and the global ad tech industry – particularly in the US, Japan, China, South East Asia and Australia,” said Christof Wittig, CEO, LiquidM. “Our ability to attract executives at the caliber of Julian Tol is an endorsement to our traction and strategy.”  

About Julian Tol

– Internet technology entrepreneur, team-builder and commercial leader

– Founded three successful, disruptive startups: Brandscreen, FreeVision, Campaign Center

– Expert in marketing automation, digital media convergence, programmatic advertising, high-speed-low-latency systems, real-time bidding and predictive analytics (holds patent in real-time audience valuation)

– Consultative and strategic sales professional: partnership builder, deal closer, revenue driver

– Excellent network across agency holding companies, trading desks, CMOs and the global adtech industry – particularly in the US, Japan, China, South East Asia and Australia.

– Global perspective and operational capability; Led market entries, team builds or startups in New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Singapore.

– Accomplished public speaker, thought-leader and media spokesperson

– As Founder and CEO of Brandscreen, led one of the world’s first programmatic digital advertising demand-side platforms, powering the trading desks of Cadreon, Accuen, VivaKi, and leading ad networks; Achieved multiple firsts: First DSP to launch in Australia, South-East Asia, Japan, China, and in Korea; First DSP to introduce Brand Safety controls; First western DSP to enter China; First western DSP to integrate search-intent data in China with Baidu; First western DSP to integrate with Tencent; Overall market leadership in APAC (Brandscreen was acquired in 2014 by Zenovia). 

– Pearcey Award, special recognition “Entrepreneur of the Year”, NSW 2013 



Guarantees Ad Networks and Mobile Advertisers Enhanced Brand Engagement; Delivers Mobile Publishers and App Developers Increased Revenue, Improved User Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 2, 2014) – LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today launched its Native Ad Creator to help mobile developers and advertisers create beautifully designed native ads that blend naturally with existing, popular mobile content. The Native Ad Creator allows developers to design and customize native advertisements on their app. Once the native ad is created, advertisers can use LiquidM’s full stack MAMP to serve up specific content each time it receives a request for the designated type of ad. LiquidM bridges the communication gap between app developers and ad networks, helping them easily work together to serve up better performing, brand-approved, targeted ads.

“Native ads are contextual and complementary to the content in which they are placed. Not above, below, or beside, they become a seamless part of the user experience and often unique to the individual viewer or user,” said Roi Chobadi, co-founder and chief product officer, LiquidM. “Mobile developers need more revenue, and mobile advertisers need better engagement — we designed this Native Ad Creator as a simple solution to give them both.”

Native advertising is integrated seamlessly into the content stream of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and perform far more effectively than traditional online banner ads, as evidenced by their ever-lower click-through rates (CTRs) and plummeting market prices. According to a study from AdRoll, of 547 advertisers’ Facebook marketing campaigns amounting to over one billion impressions, native ads within the Facebook news feed obtained a CTR that was 49 times higher than “right-hand-side” ads, and at half the cost per click.

How It Works

LiquidM’s Native Ad Creator brings harmony to the app developer-ad network relationship.

Step One — Developers can decide where the ad will appear, identifying the specific space on the app that the ad network is focused on monetizing.

Step Two — Using LiquidM’s ad targeting features, developers or advertisers can create a customized template that corresponds to the specific native ad.

Step Three — Ad networks can go to work with peace of mind knowing the LiquidM platform will send the right content each time it receives a request for that type of ad. The platform will always respond with a package of assets. And this works on RTB and non-RTB.

“In a mobile advertising industry where app developers and mobile publishers are struggling to generate revenue, Native Ad Creator offers ad networks a better way to help them monetize their apps without ruining the user experience,” added Chobadi.



Brand Safe RTB & Effortless Supply Selection Give Media Buyers Real-Time Access to Premium Inventory Across Thousands of Websites

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 28, 2014) – LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today announced two new real-time bidding (RTB) features to combine RTB reach extension with more brand-safe, premium inventory. The new features — Brand Safe RTB and Effortless Supply Selection — allow brand-conscious media buyers to use advanced RTB tools to quickly and easily sort through and select from thousands of websites, and then make real-time changes as their campaigns evolve.

“The problem with other solutions before ours is that they don’t evaluate the quality and exclusivity of RTB inventory, so we made it our mission to ensure our platform conducts the same extensive analysis of RTB inventory as it does with premium inventory,” said Roi Chobadi, co-founder and chief product officer, LiquidM. “Our partners are ecstatic. We’re delivering them a simpler, more nimble buying experience while also giving them greater visibility into the quality content available across thousands of sites.”

Delivering brand-safe content ensures advertisers bring valuable, attractive content to the correct audience. LiquidM offers several notable brand-safe inventory categories, including: Entertainment, News, Utilities, Music, Sports, Social Networking, Automobile, Cooking, Finance, Education, Shopping, Technology, Travel, Weather, and Women.

“LiquidM’s ability to deliver premium inventory via the more cost-effective, scalable RTB experience is truly transformative for our business,” said Sekip Can Gökalp, co-founder and board member, Mobilike. “Now that we can search through a complex mobile inventory ecosystem with unprecedented ease, we’re able to quickly identify premium content and run quality, brand-safe campaigns our clients covet.”



SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 25, 2014) –   LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today released version 2.0 of its industry leading platform, offering mobile advertising’s first-ever monthly technology licensing model and eliminating the common ad campaign price markups that media buyers typically face. Taking a page out of the enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) book, LiquidM now allows media buyers to pay a fixed cost for its platform, putting an end to the backwards practice of media buyers paying a share of media sales back to the technology provider.

“The days of asking media buyers for a piece of every dollar that their media sales generate are over,” said Christof Wittig, CEO and co-founder, LiquidM. “Mobile ad tech companies charge customers based on media running through their systems, and there’s an inherent temptation to skew the customer into running higher margin campaigns or obfuscating the real counter party deal through blind transactions and even kickbacks.”

LiquidM offers a full stack of solutions for premium to video to performance advertising, with modules for ad serving, real-time bidding, and ident service, all in one common platform. LiquidM’s new pricing model reflects the fact that its software platform is agnostic to the business model of its users, offering clear and easy to plan monthly service fees starting as low as $6,000 and capped for most customers at a $69,000 fixed cost per month. A risk-free pilot setup allows advertisers to fully test the platform before entering into a SaaS subscription.

“It’s about time a vendor stepped up and offered a fair and common sense mobile ad tech licensing model to the market,” said Şekip Can Gökalp, co-founder and board member, Mobilike. “If you try to build a full mobile ad tech platform yourself, you need 15, maybe 30 or even more developers. This is simply prohibitive for most companies. With LiquidM’s platform, we can get everything we need for the price of one or two developers — certainly no more than seven.”

“Compare this to SaaS, where the unit of pricing is a seat or a site license. Salesforce.com is impartial whether you file a deal worth $10 or $10 million — they don’t charge a percentage of that or even become a middleman for that transaction,” continued Wittig. “Being impartial through their revenue model to the nature of each transaction, they focus on usage and customer happiness. And now, that’s our focus at LiquidM as well.”

In addition to launching the new monthly licensing model, LiquidM’s new 2.0 platform boasts twenty new features, most notably:

Video Ads – Premium publishers can now monetize their inventory by connecting their video content with the new SDK video player that is compatible with VAST 3.0 (Video Ad Serving Template), the industry standard for serving video ads on mobile. The new SDK and video player allow inline video ads to be played in pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll modes, and enables sales houses to sell CPV (cost-per-view) campaigns.

HD Banners – Allows simple drag-and-drop, high-definition banner creation. The platform automatically generates various sizes of the banner and ensures serving the right banner size to the right device, screen size and resolution.

Campaign Dashboard – Monitor the progress of each running campaign. The intuitive visualization capabilities provide users with instant access to all relevant delivery KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), allowing users to derive which campaigns need to be adjusted in real-time.

Mass Ad Creation and Editing – Allows users to create multiple ads in a few clicks by specifying their commonalities and differences. This makes the process of creating new ads more efficient than through the outdated process of copying and editing ads manually as is done on other platforms.

Supply Quality Prediction – The LiquidM Decision Engine not only optimizes on the quantity of supply, but it now also optimizes on the quality of supply. This new capability improves budget pacing for better spending and ensures on-budget campaigns with the best performance.



The Industry’s Only White-Labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform Adds New MRAID 2.0-Supported Ad Server, Proprietary SDK and Dynamic Visual Reports; Releases Improved Decision Engine and Upgraded RTB Bidder With Integrations to All Major Ad Exchanges

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 7, 2014) –  LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today announced a new version of its MAMP platform — version 1.8 — to become the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to automate the optimization of direct publisher ad serving and combine it with RTB supply purchasing via a new proprietary SDK and improved Decision Engine. For the first time ever, customers can use a SaaS platform to run advertising campaigns seamlessly on their own premium direct publishers with a new MRAID 2.0-supported Ad Server as well as via RTB. The updated MAMP platform also adds Dynamic Visual Reports and RTB integration with all of the major ad exchanges.

“The fact our MAMP has an Ad Server, a RTB Bidder and a Decision Engine under one roof is truly unique. Normally, Ad Servers don’t come with a Decision Engine and rely on manual optimization. Our MAMP allows users to choose which targeting criteria they want to set manually, and which they want to allow the Decision Engine to optimize for them,” said Roi Chobadi, co-founder and chief product officer, LiquidM. “Our platform is the first full-stack SaaS to save mobile advertisers the hassle of using several independent point solutions — whether it’s an Ad Server for direct publishers or DSP for RTB. Put simply, our MAMP removes the typical manual labor required across the ad management lifecycle. It’s what our customers asked for. And it’s what the market demanded.”

Unlike point solutions such as a performance-only DSP, LiquidM’s MAMP spans the entire spectrum from direct publishers (Ad Serving / SDK) to RTB supply — and its advanced technology covers the entire mobile ad value chain in premium and performance environments.

MAMP New Features

Ad Server and SDK – Combined with direct publisher ad serving, LiquidM’s new proprietary SDK offers full support of any ad type and size (e.g., banner, interstitials, interactive) as well as Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) 2.0 support, ensuring a standardized set of commands designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Dynamic Visual Reports – Eliminates the need of ad operators to spend time working with Excel, allowing users to maneuver information to generate beautiful, customized ad campaign reports within the same platform campaigns are created.

RTB Bidder – Includes integrations with all the major RTB ad exchanges, enabling customers to run campaigns on either their own direct publishers or large volumes of RTB traffic. LiquidM’s platform uniquely allows users to set campaigns to run seamlessly on both their own publishers, and then use RTB Bidder’s reach extension as necessary to make sure a campaign is fully delivered.

Decision Engine – LiquidM’s new version of Decision Engine leverages state of the art machine learning algorithms to offer ROI optimization for either RTB traffic or direct publishers. Users can choose the exact amount of manual optimization they want to do from fully manual to fully automatic, eliminating the reliance on manual optimization even for campaigns running on direct publishers.

“We draw on decades of experience in enterprise software and our fresh approach is really resonating with ad tech customers. We’ve seen how SaaS revolutionized the enterprise, and we believe it will do the same to mobile ad tech,” said Christof Wittig, co-founder and CEO, LiquidM. “I’m glad to see our team’s unique background bring such a disruptive product to market. We’ve added unified reporting and sophisticated machine learning optimization in one full-stack SaaS platform — all while maintaining a simple, easy-to-use user interface.”

LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS allows customers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. Customers include: Mobilike, Madvertise Media, Fetch, and Orange. For more information, visitwww.liquidm.com.