Full Stack Developer (f/m)

Full Stack Developer (f/m)  

If you love working on all parts of complex software  systems, LiquidM might be the right place for you! We are searching for Full Stack Developers!


A job in a StartUp is not only about free drinks, or a designer office. Such a job is great because you become  a respected part of a highly motivated and self evolving team of great people.

LiquidM is a place where everybody’s opinion counts and the best ideas win. Code quality and  testing are important parts of our culture as well as beer and BBQ-lunches.

Our new ad tech platform is a single page page ember application with a rails api backend.

The bidding system is build in Golang and connects to postgres, aerospike and druid.

We always try hard to stay on the cutting edge of the tech ecosystem.


In order to join us to build the greatest technology in the ad tech world you need great skills in  one of ruby, javascript or golang and the passion to become great in the others.


Working at LiquidM will for sure not become boring. While working on all the technologies of our stack you can get the chance to learn about aerospike, chef, consul, postgres, druid, hadoop and kafka.

We also contribute to opensource projects as part of our work.

If you are interested, you can check out our public repos @ https://github.com/liquidm.


If you are passionate and motivated at what you do, you will enjoy working at LiquidM.

In order to boost it, we give you swag, including a Macbook pro, a mobile phone (iPhone or an Android, choose your favorite weapon!) including all flat-rates (Germany), the chance to visit conferences, very flexible working-times, and the possibility to do creativity projects on Fridays.

Can you imagine yourself being part of one of the greatest teams in the coolest city in Europe? If yes, let us know!


Please send your application careers@liquidm.com.

I look forward to hearing from you, Holger Pillmann (CTO LiquidM)